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The AI Bureau Coventry

Part 1 Project 2019
James Fray
University of Nottingham | UK
The AI Bureau Coventry is the world’s first administrative and learning hub for artificial intelligence integration, exploring how architecture can provide the transitional societal step towards an AI integrated future.

The project seeks to provide a platform for discussion regarding the opportunity and limitations that AI presents for city management and architecture. How architects will design alongside an AI architect is a key facet of the AI Bureau. The integration of AI is inevitable, and architects especially must embrace it.

Re-imagined artefacts from Coventry’s silk-weaving and modernist past coalesce to generate the form and programme of the Bureau, creating a building half-strange, half-familiar to explore the emerging world of AI.

Within Coventry the AI Bureau seeks to breakdown the physical barrier of the modernist ring road currently choking the city. Therefore, the building is inserted on, under, and within the ring road as part of a wider strategy of redeveloping the elevated highway as a walkable route. Key also, is addressing one of the poorest and most transient neighbourhoods in Britain – Hillfields via a culture repository.

The integration of culture, environment, democracy and AI re-kindles Coventry’s forgotten identity and projects the city into the imminent cybernetic revolution.

James Fray


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