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Museo Conciliar – A Journey Towards Conciliation

Part 2 Project 2019
George Parfitt
University of Bath | UK
“Never again!” These are the words of the American government following the Holocaust in WWII, the largest genocide in human history. Similar events have reoccurred throughout history and are still happening today.

This project explores how architecture can be used to promote cultural tolerance by proposing a Museum and School of Art in Granada, Spain.

The historical and present-day migration of people, their cultures and their beliefs had a vast impact on Spain and its cities. Walking through the districts of Granada, the city’s urban fabric reveal the many cultural layers that developed over time, and the outcome attracts tourists from across the world.

Architecture from the Muslim, Jewish and Catholic religions complement one another within the city’s walls. However, the periods that curated these layers are filled with death and destruction due to ignorance and cultural intolerance. The programme for the Museum and School of Art is to create, display and store sculptures to bring awareness and educate future generations on the good and bad of these historical periods. It is more important than ever to reconcile on such events in a world that has an ever-growing population and increasingly high levels of migration.

George Parfitt


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