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Terra Novus

Part 2 Project 2019
Chris Millar
Queen's University Belfast | UK
Terra Novus explores ideas of time, adaptability & resilience with regards to the future of Belfast. It proposes a radical ‘new ground’, leading up to and throughout the floods set to engulf the coastline.

It’s also becoming ever more apparent that the construction industry’s conventional approach to building materials is no longer suitable. A transformation in thought, approach and value is necessary to ensure the industry’s sustainability and long-term resilience.

The thesis addresses three main problems:

- 4 degrees of warming could mean Belfast faces 15m sea level rise by 2300

- Architecture is currently slow to adapt to innovation in comparison with other industries.

- Buildings are mostly inflexible in terms of material flows, circularity and change of use.

‘Terra Novus will provide a means of protection from natures will and man’s folly, not by usual means of
‘mitigation and hope’, but by a proactive shaping of a new, resilient and adaptable datum above Belfast.’

Imagine a volume, floating in space above the old city.

When the flood comes, and it will, Belfast will be ready, resilient, comfortable and thriving above the water line.

Chris Millar


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