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No Borders (Presence and Absence)

Part 2 Project 2019
Douaa Arkoub
University of Strathclyde | UK
The project is a tale of two cities (broadcasting/host and receiver city). It is a reflection of six parameters of a city that is becoming a twin with another city for a short period of time while leaving its twinning evidence in both cities forever. The six parameters include: History, Art, Architecture, Culture, Storytelling and innovations. The parameters are displayed in the host city using digital art and advanced technologies that immerse visitors with stories of the twin city.

It is a broad idea that can be applied between any two cities while Glasgow is the global coordinating centre. The twining process is associated with urban projection that transforms a public space in the receiver city into another public space in the broadcasting city. This would blur borders through a light festival that not only puts us in the physical environment of another city but also brings us feelings and thoughts of people from the other part of the world.

The case study deals with Glasgow and Damascus as receiver and broadcasting cities respectively. The project is an opportunity for building connections through sharing art and experiences that connect nations across geographical, historical, cultural and political borders.

Douaa Arkoub


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