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Part 1 Project 2019
Jatiphak Boonmun
Mackintosh School of Architecture | UK
Project Brief: CLYDE BUILT – national archaeological centre for the recovery, restoration and documentation of shipwrecked vessels at Bowling Harbour.

‘A playful-constructive behaviour and awareness of psychogeography’ - The recovery centre at Bowling, Scotland will be responsible for managing the remains of the vessels. The cultural landscape of the site has been disrupted by the geographical features and the speed. The mountain in the back and the sea in front is a challenge to the expansion of the village, further with three modes of transportation, two surrounded and one cut through the village. The brief of the project presents the opportunity to impose the condition, the history and the stature of the shipwreck as a gateway to rediscovering the heritage and tradition of Bowling. Through the investigate towards urban and architectural mechanic and the psychogeography of the site, the proposal will challenge the sensorial of people and cultural filters in order to expand the boundary and promote the economic growth of the village. It will be a device for any further stabilisation and standardisation of the village through imposing the tradition and existing culture.

Jatiphak Boonmun


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