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Ground Control: A New Methodology for the Creation of Urban Realm within the Urban Core

Part 2 Project 2019
Joseph Earley
Leeds Beckett University | UK
G R O U N D C O N T R O L:
A New Methodology for the Creation of Public Architecture within the Urban Core.

The methodology comprises of six key stages:

Stage 1 Building an image of the City Centre

Stage 2 Identifying the most catalytic site for intervention

Stage 3 Realigning the city centre with key public assets

Stage 4 Prioritising the pedestrian

Stage 5 Learning from seminal public architecture

Stage 6 Testing a new form of open urban housing on the site.

This process has three primary objectives:

a) To realign the UK city centre with key public assets

b) To oppose the modern proliferation of closed gated communities in urban cores

c) To challenge the binary notions of public and private space in pursuit of inclusivity

The methodology is built from a study of several historical and contemporary figures:

Richard Sennett’s distinction between open and closed design

Jan Gehl’s distinction between the citizen and the consumer

Edmund Bacon’s text on the realignment of 16th Century Rome by Pope Sxitus V

Robin Evans’ texts on the on-going privatisation of the home

Carlo Scarpa’s haptic materiality, and his junctions between old & new

Joseph Earley


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