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The Experimental House: A Town House & A Country Villa

Part 1 Project 2019
Jakub Kolodziejak
London Metropolitan University | UK
The experimental house theme demands a great intensity of ideas, through two house designs I was able to explore a range of scales from city or landscape to furniture and detail scale with different design methodologies while developing a coherent architectural language and character. The task of framing a way of life through spatial arrangements was very different in the urban and rural contexts.

The townhouse exploited the constraints of a tight and complex site in London. The spaces, materials and details responded closely to the existing conditions. The country villa was located in a vast open landscape in Suffolk overlooking a river in the distance with a forest behind. This allowed for more invention of the architectural and constructional language from within.

The intention to create characterful spaces was explored by using simple materials purposefully. The town house was generated from the brick garden walls around the site, the logic of brick and concrete construction was extended to form an interplay of protective internal spaces and external garden courtyards. The country house extends these ideas by creating a play between masonry volumes and enclosing filigree timber structures to create a variety of spatial and environmental conditions.

Jakub Kolodziejak


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