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Part 1 Project 2020
Sahil Rattha
American University of Sharjah | UAE
"lmagine"" (1971) by John Lennon, one of the greatest hits that not only addressed radicals and idealist, but also people from all ethnicities with different backgrounds and subcultures, these were the people he calls upon to dream and imagine a new and better world; ""you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."" New Babylon was the brainchild of Constant Nieuwenhuys(l 956-1974), a Dutch painter, and architect. Nieuwenhuys was one of those dreamers who led the way and directed the path to re-imagine the better world that John Lennon referred to in his song. The thesis revolves around a 100-year plan where the construct dwells as a coastal infrastructure that addresses the impacts of climate change on the littoral, coastal, and marine environments.

Greyconstruct's current program accommodates scientists, government officials, artists, and designers coming together to create public policy, planning, and design strategies that address critical issues effecting the health, sustainability, and resilience of coastal environments. Johan Huizinga describes Homo Ludens as the playful man inspired by New Babylon and its Homo Ludens ideology, the current building enables its users to become the designers of the future, while the monolithic construct evolves into a vessel of architectural playfulness.

Sahil Rattha


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