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Coastal Institute of The Arabian Gulf

Part 1 Project 2020
Marawan Mahmoud
American University of Sharjah | UAE
The mangroves across the Arabian gulf have proven to be the most efficient coastal guards and natural water purifiers that adjust to harsh marine environments. The large cluster of mangroves located within the site creates a visual juxtaposition from an urban scale and an experiential perspective. Recently, the organic reserve has been at risk of deconstruction for commercial purposes. The proposal intends to preserve that natural element by increasing its importance within the site. The landscape design aims to highlight that live matter by introducing a complementary element that would amplifies the blurry edge of the mangrove reserve. Not only does that increase the importance of the mangroves, It would also highlight the built Landscape proposed. The element of landscape that is introduced would act as a mediator between the sharp edges of the surrounding landscape and the blurry organic edges. That would potentially complete the lacking mediator within the site.
Marawan Mahmoud


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