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Theatre in the City

Part 1 Project 2020
Estere Savicka
Kingston University Kingston | UK
Theatre and a Drama school.
We were assigned a purpose built hotel in East Hackney to be re-built by applying ‘rules-of-thumb' for sustainable architecture. We began by thinking about the expressive potential of re-use, while also investigating the context, facts and failures of the existing structure. The deep plan and the small lightwell in the courtyard brought me to the idea that instead of extending the lightwell to allow more light, I could put something there that benefits from that condition. After more research and area analysis a decision was made to put a theatre auditorium in the centre of the building. The areas left around the auditorium were exactly 6m deep which allowed the studios to be naturally ventilated by single-sided ventilation. The principles of single-sided ventilation where the air inlet is at the bottom and outlet at the top giuded the design of the facades. The proposed theatre and drama school improve the local area with the strong presnece of the building on the street and with bringing culture to East Hackney area that is accessible to everyone.

Estere Savicka


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