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Repository of Knowledge: Borehamwood Public Library

Part 1 Project 2020
Laura Smith
University of Hertfordshire | UK
Demographic studies of Borehamwood show that the majority of the population are predominantly in the lower income group. This effects the area’s school funding and, in turn, educational opportunities. Studies show how the natural environment has an important impact on the uptake of information, especially in the children’s learning development.

By designing a space surrounded by the natural environment and directing access to the building through a natural ‘portal’, there will be a positive impact on their learning experience. Furthermore, by splitting the building down the middle through planting a tree lined meadow, nature, along with all it’s positive benefits, can be brought back into the heart of the building. The bugs and wild animals which inhabit the plot can be another resource to help the town’s children learn about wildlife.

The natural landscape flows through the two structures, bound together by walkways on each level. Organised into distinct areas, a quiet study space and a community-based area, designed for interaction and activity. I sought to break the mould of the conventional library designs. The earthy tones of the Corten façade ground the building in the heart of this highly industrialised metropolis.

Laura Smith


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