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The Net Blvd

Part 2 Project 2020
Dana Barale
European University of Madrid | Spain
The Net Blvd examines a collection of situations that happen in the digital era. These situations imply that cultural production happens on digital platforms, structuring our collective memory. In these platforms that go beyond physical limits, intangible contents suggest a new form of production and transmission of culture. Led by digital networks and new technologies, these platforms are transforming the way in which the world is comprehended and understood. Making us reflect on the categories in which we experience reality today, like the virtual identity, the infinite content, real time communication, intimacy and exposure, digital hyperstimulation…

Revealing these conditions leads to the introduction of new narratives and to new architectural configurations.

Therefore, it is proposed an imaginary landscape that contains the detection of different scenarios of encounter between the physical and the virtual. A collection of fragments made up of a succession of different situations that conform a laboratory of hypothesis, an experimental microcosm. Containing an inventory of ten interventions in ten specific locations of the city of Madrid.

This new ecosystem reformulates new fields to understand the complex reality of our context, in which dichotomies of realities can coexist, from a methodological guide for the redescription of the city.

Dana Barale


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