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Carnegie Local

Part 2 Project 2020
Brooke Barker
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology | Australia
When boundaries are narrowed, the horizon becomes local.

Carnegie Local examines borders, boundaries and thresholds to shift our understanding of “the local” by reimagining the suburbs as a network of expositions following the sky rail through Melbourne. The project is a proposal to elevate the suburb Carnegie to global recognition through an international expo operating under the theme of the local.

The condition of the collective local arises when boundaries become narrowed; place is isolated and defined within its own physical or metaphysical borders. In this moment,
idiosyncrasies of the local are revealed; characteristics that develop into the hyperbole of itself. Carnegie Local understands this condition as a civic presence, and uses the expo to exemplify and celebrate.

Carnegie Local is an event in which a collection of pavilions are the architectural consequence of devouring the identity of Carnegie through the framework I have assumed of this collective local; idiosyncrasies are celebrated, and recognised as a condition that is globally shared.

This project is conceived through the lens of my own absurd local; featuring a seal as the town mascot, projected onto the global stage not only by offering the worlds whitest beaches, but a full scale Stonehenge.

Brooke Barker


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