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Eco-Industrial Park for Digital and Information Industry

Part 1 Project 2020
Mohamad Azhari
Beirut Arab University - Debbieh campus | Lebanon
This quarry has existed for years devouring what's left of the alluring nature.

After the site have been left abandoned, it gave us the opportunity to rehabilitate the existing image of the site to recreate the original balanced natural ecosystem that have existed for decades and to recreate an artificial imitated image of the previously existing terrain that has been exposed for damage continuously by humans.

The image to be recreated imitates the relationship between the three main parts of the quarry, the top of the cliff, cliff surface, and its bottom, creating a visual and mental experience for visitors with the site through transparency and functions’ allocation on site; the way the functions are linked with each other to fulfill the user’s needs in order to create a productive, motivational, and supportive environment and other collaborative activities between the different targeted types of users eventually aiming to develop the cycle of business industry.

The created continuous transparency between indoor and outdoor spaces have enhanced the visual connectivity between the interior and the quarry itself, moreover the project has a unique panoramic view of Beirut city.

Mohamad Azhari


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