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The Invisible Dimension in Architecture: The Relation Between Personal Memory and Architectural Memory

Part 2 Project 2020
Veronika Vivas Pálinkás
Pilot University | Colombia
Borges's short story “The Other” (El Otro) has motivated a personal enquiry regarding the value of experience and individual and collective memory to understand the problem of place, and how architecture is given meaning from this autobiographical perspective as a project. Architecture and the city are drawn from the subjective and from the objective, and this project -and its dissertation- seeks a critical reflection that allows from an autobiographical enquiry to materialise the personal experience of two cities, Budapest and Bogotá, in an architectural project.

The theoretical reflection has been based on the value of memory in architecture from Aldo Rossi’s Scientific Autobiography and Iñaki Ábalos’ The Good Life. This reflection investigates the relationship between memory and architecture based on autobiographical inquiry, a methodology that reveals its meaning and relevance in how we re-create places. The Budapest project is the typological homage to the "yurt" (jurta) house of the Hungarians. As for the Bogotá project, it is a tribute to the traditions of the architecture of the mountain. The projects are the metamorphosis of the experiences and memories lived in the two cities, keeping in mind the collective and natural memory, creating a metaphorical bridge between past and present.

Veronika Vivas Pálinkás


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