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Cliftonville Storytelling Centre and Archive

Part 1 Project 2020
Angelica Scorgie
University of Kent | UK
The Cliftonville Storytelling Centre provides a platform for Margate’s residents to re-establish a sense of place and heritage in Margate society that, along with their voices, has been lost amidst gentrification. Through the narrative of a detectorist, the existing ruins of the Lido Building became a key source for historical recognition in fulfilling this aim. Searching for hidden treasures along the shore became a metaphor for exposing layers of Margates history.
The integration of old and new developments on site, works to restore the historical and cultural appreciation for what Margate represents below the surface, and how it’s history bears relevance to Margate in the present day.
By sharing history and recording their memories in an archive, the people’s experiences and cultures are unearthed and valued too. As a result, their community can begin restoration. The creativity incited by storytelling will be encouraged by a workshop facility and artwork displayed in the elicited ruins of the old building. The new will be found amongst the old.

The turning point in countering gentrification and redirecting ownership of the town back to it’s people is represented through the changing axis in the floorplans.

Angelica Scorgie


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