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Energy, Landscape, Culture

Part 1 Project 2020
Pauls Tadeuss Rietums
Mackintosh School of Architecture | UK
Instead of taking place in sparse acoustic venues, Sistema educational orchestras have always dwelled in non-specialist settings within communities in need, prioritising social action over education tradition.

How can a venue custom built for Sistema maintain this notion? Sistema’s methods were compared to those of Levi Strauss’ bricoleur. Similarly to a bricoleur, who “creates structures by means of events”, Sistema defines a venue by holding orchestra recitals in available settings.

By doing so, Sistema is shaped by the conditions and accessible resources, but at the same time can create new meanings and events within the environment. The response to the brief is not a design of a new building to be placed on the site, but rather an assemblage of the honest and mundane objects of the River Leven. A frame of one of warehouses on the riverbanks is dismantled and moved to a parking lot on the Balloch pier. There, it is furnished with rooms akin to giant bunkbeds and inhabited by the orchestra.

Let us celebrate the resourceful and the unspectacular.

Pauls Tadeuss Rietums


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