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Made In Blackpool

Part 1 Project 2020
Jemma Baldwin
University of Central Lancashire | UK
MADE IN BLACKPOOL attempts to address the wider issue of poverty as a result of the struggling British tourism industry in Blackpool. I discovered through an analysis of the local area that there exists a divide between the tourist and resident, both culturally and physically.

The site I chose is bordered by the industrial/ commercial zone of pleasure beach, home to the tourist and by two residential estates, home to the resident. The pleasure beach theme park is surrounded by a 2.5m brick wall littered with unwelcoming signs; creating an impermeable boundary for the resident. In the same way the residential areas are primarily on the other side of a sunken railway line, proving impermeable to the tourist. The social platform aims to unite all of these zones, physically and visually through an architecture of community.

The Social Platform comprises of a workshop, gallery, gift shop and residential building. The workshop provides a space for the resident to work, creating in collaboration with a tourist, a 3d printed ceramic souvenir. The gallery provides a through-route from the residential and commercial zones. Furthermore, the residential building acts as a beacon for the site, its copper façade reflecting the theme park lights.

Jemma Baldwin


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