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The Trojan Project

Part 1 Project 2020
Mohamed Moussa
Leeds Beckett University | UK
Inspired by the Guilds of London, The Trojan Project is a critical examination of the balance of power in modern society. By corrupting and rigging our socio-economic and political systems in their favour, the elite ruling class’s wealth and influence over our society’s values continues to grow rapidly. They launder their criminal white-collar money and activities through fake philanthropic foundations and convince the public that they are society’s saviours. The project exaggeratedly showcases this duality between criminality and philanthropy; serving as the criminal head quarters of the Trojan Guild while masking itself to the public as a charity foundation, serving and merging the two opposite but parallel programs. The Trojan Guild itself is a fictional guild, symbolic of the elite ruling class more broadly. Three main structures – The Trojan HQ, The Leader’s Suite and The Trojan Gallery – form the basis of the masterplan. A set of smaller architectural and landscaping features such as the Trojan Plaza and the hydroponic community garden complement the masterplan and contribute to hiding the guild in plain sight.
Mohamed Moussa


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