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The Conscious Homes of East Haringey

Part 2 Project 2020
Nancy Jackson
London School of Architecture | UK
Consciousness: the state of being aware of and responsive to one's surroundings.

The Conscious Homes of East Haringey celebrate awareness and responsiveness; families are aware of construction and material behaviour, while the homes respond to the changing requirements of the residents.

The proposal consists of a primary timber structure and patterns for a range of family homes. The framework accommodates additional space when a family requires while allowing underused space to be returned to the community.

Hemp is grown and processed on site to become the identifiable building material. A circular economy reinforces the identity of the neighbourhood and an awareness of building behaviours.

The processing of the hemp is celebrated yearly as the harvested crop is dried to form the skin of a civic tower. This gathering space is connected to neighbouring parkland via the meandering branches of homes, which respond to the site perimeter and wrap a central village green.

In an increasingly isolated and un-livable city, the scheme acts as a speculative proposition for how we might affordably and sustainably provide homes and neighbourhoods for belonging, identity, safety, and growth.

Nancy Jackson


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