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Framing & Containing

Part 1 Project 2021
Mentor Voyatzakis
Mackintosh School of Architecture | UK
Narratives, invisible yet present. The scheme's purpose is to discover and engage in overarching yet specific events throughout space and time; To make them experienceable in the human-scaled presence.

Building a residential retreat and performance hall in the harbour town of Balloch, on the boundary between the Scottish High-and-Low-lands, forgotten stories are revealed by the caring ethos of Sistema, the client, a charity organisation helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Unfolding sequences of events that took place in the landscape’s region is essential to identify and thus celebrate the site's significance, namely geographic phenomena, a human historic response, and consequently, the present local culture. Appreciating and empathising with Sistema’s aspirations is essential to translate tectonically and subsequently cultivate their values: building a community and giving meaning to children through playing music. Place and People are integrated through material intervention.

Energy facilitates basic needs - to form a stage. Metaphorically transcending the notion of energy from physical to spiritual, construction aims to trigger an emotional response to its users - to set the scene.

Essentially, the scheme is a reminder of identity; articulated by a series of basalt splaying columns and orthogonally arranged timber beams, with the roles of framing & containing.

Mentor Voyatzakis


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