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The Ningboer: Sanjiangkou Alternative Press

Part 1 Project 2021
Mu Cao
University of Nottingham Ningbo | China
With the development of media, mobile data make it easier for people to get access to the information from every corner of the world. In a fragmented world of information, people seem to get a transient satisfaction from taking in the information, however, with the loss of their local voice in the community stories. The city where the site located, Ningbo, is a place with long history of recording community changes with their cultural product in different mediums, especially for texts and books. To continue with the exploration about how paper media spaces can be presented to the public as the carrier of local information in the digital age, the project with the program of the Alternative Press tends to encourage spontaneous publishing activities from native narrators with direct information and stories of local events, serving both as the community billboard and the archive of the memory from the community. The free flow from the natural landscape to the cultural context will be led by the building, working as a physical transition with communication effects on both narrators and readers.
Mu Cao


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