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SANO – Sound Perception Healing Retreat

Part 2 Project 2021
Andriana Mazaraki
Metropolitan College | Greece
SANO is a sound perception healing retreat, placed in an immortal and mystical Corfian lagoon, nurtured by a deep and complex historical background. Its given name derives from the homonym Latin verb which translates as to cure, describing its main aspiration, which is no other but to amplify the rich soundscape experience of the area; a dipole of artificial and natural sounds, varying from the absolute silence to the thundering humming produced by aircrafts from the airport which is located right on top of the lagoon waters, in order to stimulate emotion and eventually generate a therapeutic effect. The architectural approach is inspired from the hypothesis that sound creates space and space creates sound respectively, and in terms of the tangible morphological scope, fluidity and complexity of sound should establish the design principles that will forge the mold on which both the exterior and interior forms will be 'casted'. The strategic approach is based on a research framework that focus on the contemporary urban soundscape’s individual parts; a conglomeration of biophony, antropohony and even silence, and their mix together in order to explore and compose new aural phenomena. SANO investigates the metaphysical associations and the healing applications of sound, while at the same time acts as a neural system that suffuses and assimilates, not only to its idiosyncratic natural surroundings, but also to the local socioeconomic reality.

Andriana Mazaraki


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