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The Future of Urban Water

Part 2 Project 2021
Lina Muhammad
Cardiff University Cardiff United Kingdom
As the elixir of life, water ensures a healthy and happy life for all living things. Surrounded by water, the city of Kochi could excel in this aspect, but is ironically facing a far worse reality where the waterbodies are polluted, water supplies are limited, and waterborne diseases are very common. These problems are compounded by bigger issues of flooding in Kochi’s urban areas, affecting transportation, food security and eventually the economy. At this stage, the state of the city’s livability is very questionable. This Thesis addresses these problems at a communal level, proposing that the knowledge of water collection and treatment are delivered in the simplest, cheapest, and sustainable ways as possible to mitigate the water needs of Kochi’s residents, especially targeting deprived communities. It aims to actively involve communities in making their daily lives better by understanding the water system at collection and filtration levels and to be able to install, set up, and DIY the system by themselves. In the future imagined by this Thesis, the city of Kochi will be able to reduce central water provision, while local communities will be able to live with adequate and clean water supplies in the long term.
Lina Muhammad


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