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Archive of the Lost Mining City: Revival of Miner's Magnum Opus

Part 2 Project 2021
Xue Yee Low
University of Malaya | Malaysia
In 1985-year, mining crisis struck in the tin mining world. Even though Sungai Lembing retain the second world largest Underground mining, yet the locals suffer the crisis of turning into ghost town. The building and machine in Sungai lembing‘s hill mining structure is slowly buried underground with its chronicles and memories.

Hence, this project is to understand the nature of urban artefacts as products of spatial ordering and morphological and attempts to explore possible strategies to preserve and reinterpret underground tin mining as Contemporary Discovery in Sungai Lembing to bridge the past and present.

Story Timeline divide into 5 chapters:
Chapter 1: Skeleton Prologue
Chapter 2: Dark Torment Chronology Passage
Chapter 3: Zoetrope Time Machine
Chapter 4: Light Adoration
Chapter 5: Chiaroscuro Amphitheatre (Intersection of Dark & Light Element).

The thesis proposes a manifestation of the two dimensions of time as both technology generation and trash generation intersecting: Dark torment (Past) and light adoration (Present), where Zoetrope act media to amalgamate the both timelines. The proposed Tin mining experience centre is shape up and cog nominate into components. It is not a hierarchical architectural experience, but a sequence of urban artefacts littered throughout the terrain, inhabiting idiosyncratic exhibitions of memory in a new geography of curiosity.

Xue Yee Low


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