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Al Wathba Research and Visitor Center

Part 1 Project 2021
Sara Ghannam
Abu Dhabi University | UAE
While lately Abu Dhabi Environment Agency and the Department of Culture and Tourism are putting effort to enhance the ecotourism in this city and provide enriched tourists experience, Al Wathba Research and Visitor Center shows an opportunity to attract a large number of visitors including students, residents, and tourists from both a cultural and a global perspective to the city. It helps in creating a new experience in which the visitors can learn about the wetland’s ecosystem and the importance of its natural elements and environmental processes in an interactive and playful environment.

Located in Al Wathba, south east of Abu Dhabi, This project shall offer research and visitor facilities, following a sustainable design that respects the local environment and allows the center to fit into the natural surroundings while at the same time having the potential to become an iconic landmark to enhance the city’s ecotourism. A structure that behaves as part of a living habitat than a building, which is designed to sustain beneficial relationships with all the elements of Al Wathba’s local ecology.

Sara Ghannam


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