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The House of Rally

Part 1 Project 2021
Kuok Fung Ling
Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool | UK
The Northern Powerhouse Assembly

Over the recent past there have been significant upheavals in the political landscape. These events are oft-cited as reactions against the respective political contexts in which they occurred. Concurrent to these emergent post-truth political contexts, numerous public demonstrations reflect increasing societal dissatisfaction with issues that include the climate crisis and racial inequity. These local, national and international events contribute to the socio­ environmental-political context within which this project is situated.

The brief was to design an assembly building for the Northern Powerhouse. It will act as a place for gathering, governing and celebrating the people that live within the regions of the North, both facilitating and symbolic of greater independence and control, of leveraging autonomy away from the current South-East-centric focus. The Northern Powerhouse Assembly is to be a collective, democratic space. As a civic space, the project forms an integral part of the wider public realm within which it sits. It is a civic place, for and of the people it serves, and engages with the public in meaningful and multifarious ways, facilitating debate and voices being heard - creating a catalyst for progressive action.

Kuok Fung Ling


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