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The Roots of Shoreditch

Part 2 Project 2021
Sophie Ryder
University of Kent | UK
The neglected inner-city neighbourhood that was once colonised by immigrant communities and underground subcultures has been slowly ‘Gentrifying’ since the late 90s. As a result, the original inhabitants who gave the place its character are priced out of the area. Walking through Shoreditch it is obvious the divide that the ‘Cultural Cleansing’ of the area has caused within the community. To rebuild the community, the need for a ‘New Age Music Hall’ was identified as a way of allowing all cultures to come together and express their cultural identity through the universal language of music. The project that pays tribute to the Victorian Music halls that once made Shoreditch the centre of entertainment, includes a series of performance, recording, and rehearsal spaces. This project places social and environmental sustainability equally and the Complex Building typology opens a lot of technological challenges and considerations. The acoustic properties that plastic can offer allows for the marrying together of both environmental and design solutions. Therefore ‘The roots of shoreditch music hall’ is designed to show case and set a precedent for the use of plastic within building construction in a structural capacity to alleviate the strain waste plastic puts on the ecosystem and help progress towards a circular economy

Sophie Ryder


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