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The Forest Parliament: Maintaining the Civic Corridor

Part 2 Project 2021
Marius Erikstad
Erik Skogii
Oslo School of Architecture and Design Oslo Norway
Historically, the landscape has shaped our identity by way of labour, and in this case the mode of transportation it imposed on us. At one point this process was reversed and we started to shape nature in order to perform our learned identity within it. The restoration of the traditional landscape has happened so slowly that it was barely noticeable, even though it includes highly contemporary methods and objects - a necessary evil to maintain a democratic use of this parliament - resulting in a discrepancy between the landscape the identity is performed within, and the identity performed.

Ironically, global warming has turned snow management into a year-round practice that requires space, and this is where we react. Not through irony or unconstructive criticism, not through opportunistic entrepreneurship, but through architecture.

We want to bridge the gap between the identities and spaces at play. We want to expand the threshold of who and what you might meet, and how and where you will meet them. Our projects propose a series of interventions to secure and enhance the “White Corridors”; by editing the forest through cutting and planting, producing and shaping snow, and adding new structures to maintain, and enrich the Forest Parliament.

Marius Erikstad
Erik Skogii


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