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St. Clement’s Urban Village

Part 2 Project 2021
Ying Choi Angus Chow
Robert Gordon University | UK
St. Clement’s Urban Village addresses number of fundamental issues concerning regional city living. Located in the Northeast of Scotland, Aberdeen itself is undergoing significant changes due to its declining oil and gas economy while it enjoys a strong sense of connection historically as a medieval city with its satellite towns and villages.

As the current city is booming between the ‘Old traditions and New culture’, the proposal references the historical precedents whilst repairing the sense of community in a living / working city equipped with playable environments for people of all ages.

There is a need to repair the lost relationship with the waterfront as well as the existing fabric and link it with the future tourist led economy. The project design highlights, open ups its potential whilst also developing a residential area aligning with 15-minutes design principle collaborating with a public transport system that powered by renewable sources for city living to ensure a full range of amenities are available to inhabitants without the need for excessive travel in a dense urban development. It also sets out a green agenda that encourages net-zero carbon approach and promotes a model for sustainable urban living for people of all ages.

Ying Choi Angus Chow

Mr Neil Lamb
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