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The Aquatic Heritage Centre

Part 1 Project 2021
Alexandru-Stefan Costea
University of Huddersfield Huddersfield | UK
In a place that evolved with fishing techniques, alongside a source of water, Haiyan Village is a place filled with history, and the Aquatic Heritage Centre’s mission is to display their heritage in an immersive and creative way.

A waster-water treatment plant has recently been built in the area, and in order to compliment this relatively new infrastructure addition, the proposal will include a water purification plant. This will bring potable water to Haiyan Village and it’s neighbouring towns/villages. The purpose of this development is to bring a celebration of the locals’ traditions, and teach locals and tourists alike about the process that goes behind purifying water, as well as the importance of keeping our water sources clean. The Aquatic Heritage Centre will bring a water purification centre with 5 corten-clad water tanks, as well as a statement corten-clad floating roof structure, which would greet the guests at the entrance. A fishing techniques exhibition will show the evolution of fishing techniques, detail what led to extinction of certain local species of fish, only to be followed by an aquarium exhibition meant to showcase the true wonders of aquatic life. A twist within the building then takes the visitors through a nautical exhibit showcasing fishing boats used by the locals.

Alexandru-Stefan Costea


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