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Part 2 Project 2021
Alberto Calderón Ventura
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Santiago Chile
Flexibility has been present in architectural discourse since the modern movement, becoming one of the most attractive words in the discipline. In the domestic aspect, flexibility refers to the capacity of homes to adapt to changing needs of the user. In this sense, the goal of domestic flexibility is the ability to respond to the current and future demands of the group of people who live there. Contemporary society has the need to construct buildings that are capable of adapting and changing over time. A flexible design allows the constant updating of its systems thanks to technologies, avoiding obsolescence and granting a longer life to the building. The project investigates the relationship between the domestic flexibility scales and the structure or subsystems that compose them. Understanding that there is a hierarchy of these systems, considering their different life cycles which must be updated with different frequency. The design of flexible housing must be conceived as a total in all its scales, but the different subsystems are understood and manipulated autonomously. The present study, together with the aforementioned problems, dialogues towards a flexible housing project capable of meeting the needs of the user in different stages of his life.
Alberto Calderón Ventura


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