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Wild Visions

Part 2 Project 2021
Maren Speyer
Cooper Union, USA
In the most reductive description possible, aesthetics can be defined as energetic wavelengths hitting a human eye. If we can accept this definition of aesthetics, and simultaneously accept that there are energetic exchanges between non-human entities in the world, then the exchange of energy between non-human entities can be defined as an aesthetic relationship. This thesis aims to investigate the imperceptible aesthetics of non-human entities in wilderness through modeling invisible light spectrums in point clouds. This project attempts to act as a contribution to the aesthetic universe surrounding the notions of wilderness. The ambition in Wild Visions is to propose an aesthetic whose purpose is to work towards more sensitive interfacing with the wilderness, not solely as geography, but as a conceptual framework, and for embracing the once-invisible relationships between the non-humans of wilderness. There are multiple worlds beyond just our human one. These worlds are not just running parallel to ours; we are entangled with them, and they with us.
Maren Speyer


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