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Edge Condition, Between Land and Sea

Part 1 Project 2021
Oliver Lowe
University of Lincoln Lincoln | UK
If it was not for the current COVID 19 pandemic ravaging front-page news, the media coverage would be monopolised by the mass refugee crisis we are faced with today. Thousands upon thousands are making the treacherous voyages over land and sea to escape oppression and prejudice of other nations and cultures. It is undeniable that this mass wave of people is unstoppable and until the root cause is eradicated it shall forever continue.

Edge conditions: between land and sea, is a third-year theoretical architecture proposal formulated as a direct reaction to the migration crisis we are faced with in present times. It explores and responds to the phenological nature of transitioning between land and sea, crossing boarders and the toll this takes on those that endure it. The exploration culminates with the proposal of a new RNLI rescue facility set within the coastal settlement of Folkestone, Great Britain. The design harmonises the rescue and rehabilitation of those lost at sea through an architectural journey in which users become reconnected back within the land. The architectural spaces attempt to oppose the phenomenology of being lost at sea, creating spaces of enclosure and comfort within a harsh coastal environment.

Oliver Lowe


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