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Seeded Junktion: Healing Earthself

Part 2 Project 2021
Onyinyechi Egbochue
Pratt Institute | USA
For many members from marginalized communities, taking time to heal from generational trauma, ancestral trauma, and internal trauma is one of the most powerful things we can do with our physical time here on Earth. Healing, or self-preservation, is an active and revolutionary form of resistance. Seeded Junktion explores healing in a playful yet insightful manner, providing marginalized communities the ability to reconnect with oneself, nature, food, land, and life itself. Through the accentuation of healing and farming, this project emphasizes the state of the ground as an essential component for the longevity of a community and the earth; therefore, the biodiversity of the soil coincides with the prosperity of marginalized communities of color. The soil composition must evolve for the community to evolve. The aim of this project is to not only nourish its community in ways such as feeding its people and the environment they live in, but also to remind them this is land is their home. Seeded Junktion is a guide for food and land sovereignty, envisioning a future where humankind and the Earth are allowed to rest and recovery from current destructive practices.

Onyinyechi Egbochue


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