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Cabin Fever

Part 1 Project 2021
Maxwell Wootton
Arts University Bournemouth | UK
The Research by making project, explored how the sense of belonging can be enhanced and, argued that if the stakeholder participates in the design and build process then they can achieve a greater sense of belonging.

While this was tested and proved on a small scale with furniture, it has the potential to be applied on an even greater scale – student accommodation. Cabin Fever, has pursued this idea and aimed to be this sensorial experience where the students can engage with the architecture by participating in designing, adapting and building of parts of their own accommodation. This in turn will allow the students to feel a greater sense of belonging and as a result help improve their mental health.

There were several ways in which Cabin Fever promoted designing, adapting and building. Firstly, the dormitories featured moveable partitioning walls which offered the students an alternative to isolation. Secondly, the semi-private promenade features a construction methodology which encourages the students to design, adapt and build within the space.

Finally, Cabin Fever includes a series of moveable bridges which can extend out from the ground floor programmes and create a series of different shows along the beach which celebrate and promote making.

Maxwell Wootton


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