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Medialab Arches

Part 1 Project 2021
Daria Pietruczynik
Coventry University | UK
The site is located in Coventry, on the corner of historic streets of Spon End and the Arches Industrial Estate. Once a lively and vibrant area, the site and its nearest neighbours became neglected and taken over by car workshops and furniture warehouses. The vast residential areas spreading far beyond the perimeter of the industrial ring surrounding the site have been left with no attractive destination points for their inhabitants. Reflecting not only on the current state of the neighbourhood, but also on Coventry's rich industrial history, the project unveils a new direction for the people of Spon End, empowering them to come together and regain their space.

In summary, the project embraces the history of industrial Coventry and its hard- working labour communities whilst looking into the future of manufacturing. It is about regaining the space and recognition, which the heavy industry stripped from the local communities when it pushed aside their needs and ambitions. It is about reminding the local communities and the wider stakeholders that people are the strength and the backbone of any successful enterprise. And finally, it is about supporting the local artisans while promoting sustainable and independent manufacturing.

Daria Pietruczynik


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