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The Rift

Part 1 Project 2021
Otto Jaax
Newcastle University | UK
The Building Upon Building Studio was instrumental in the study of architectural preservation in designing upon an iconic project; the Penguin Pond. What was once conceived as a whole project, became the key micro-component within my design. In this context, I aimed to develop a scheme that envelops the modernist landmark, while exploring their exchange. The revival of the circus-like architectural setting of the Pond and the relationship between the display of animals and the observer became fundamental in framing my proposal. I aimed to reflect on the Iconic elliptic ramps by incorporating a dynamic set of ramps that act as a central spine throughout the building, interlacing the spaces through its circulation. Thus, I sought to ground the Pond in my proposal through its physical presence while its perished architectural setting reverberates via the revival of the theatrical in the relationship between animals and visitors. I would like to believe that my project explores a framework within which preservation can be echoed through a more abstract juxtaposition between the existing and the new. A proposal that embeds itself with a reflection on the ephemeral qualities of the Penguin Pond.
Otto Jaax


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