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Vessels of Penrhyn

Part 2 Project 2021
Ben Harrell
De Montfort University | UK
Fairbourne is soon to be the first British settlement to be flooded due to climate change. In response, the local authorities have decided to remove the village from existence to prevent harm to human life and the surrounding environment, causing a displacement of its local population creating the UK's first climate refugees. However, Fairbourne will not be the only village to face this issue; many more settlements around Britain have been identified as being threatened by the invading coastline. This project explores a new typology and mechanisms to help preserve Fairbourne and other coastal settlements among tidally flooding landscapes.

This project embraces a more avant-garde method of conservation by addressing the intersectional issues of climate, conservation, and community. One which allows adaptation to a new tidal climate, rejecting the need for material continuities, as the village will have to be demolished to protect local ecosystems. Flooding settlements will need to be rehabilitated and reconstructed in a way that is respectful to their history, culture, and character to preserve the local community and their way of life. A new form of conservation favours a method that prioritises preserving the place's urban artefacts and their inherent stories and memories.

Ben Harrell


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