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The Parallel of Change

Part 1 Project 2021
Georgina Cameron
University of Plymouth | UK
The Parallel of Change is a poetic narrative of the role of the physical environment in the creation and recall of memory and dreams. The proposed soap works and bathhouse resides in the forgotten area of industry in Millbay, allowing memories to be reinstated. The resurgence of the lost memory from a waterfront ritual that was once rich in Plymouth’s History, through presence and absence, invites a new collective to emerge over common ground. It is a reciprocal of renewal. The project understands water to be a purifying element, which provides cleansing and comfort layered with a residue of fragrance and longevity of ageing that occurs. The volumes and surfaces of the architectural design are analogues to soap narratives in respect of decay and residue. Just like soap when it gets wet, it leaves a soapy residue, therefore the building causes intentional decay and patina. The residual marks leave traces on the occupant and environment through sensory triggers dealing with light and shadow, smell, temperature, and sound. The Parallel of Change is grounded in the local identity promoting participation through programs that recall past activity and facilitate productive futures.
Georgina Cameron


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