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Barking’s Steel Lung

Part 1 Project 2021
Amendra Madipola
University of Greenwich | UK
This is a master-planning project seeking to aid the environmental and social development of Barking and Dagenham. The project will be proposed to the council of the borough to supplement the lack of attention given to these two areas during Barking and Dagenham’s current regenerative phase. The environmental aspect of this project is tackled on two fronts: the water tank and the ‘Green Lung’. The water tanks are situated around the site to contain, attenuate, and distribute recycled rainwater all around the site for purposes such as irrigation for the ‘Green Lung’. The ‘Green Lung’ consists of trellises constructed from reused steel scaffolding that will wrap around both the proposed design and surrounding buildings. This will over time aid in cleaning Barking’s air quality thus improving the quality of life in the area. The proposed architecture serves to influence events such as a public farmers market to be housed within the proposal, encouraging new and old residents of the area to commune as a method of reviving the social realm of the area. Additionally, an open-air amphitheatre sits at the top of the design, utilising the theatrical nature of water as the performance aspect of the theatre.
Amendra Madipola


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