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Imaginary Landscape: Generating Multiple Realities of Terazije Terrace

Part 2 Project 2021
Sandra Draganic
University of Belgrade | Serbia
Terazije Terrace, a sloping park in Belgrade city centre, an extension of a main public square Terazije, is the subject of many public and academic debates since the 19th century and up to this day. Various competitions and city plans have been conducted but none of the visions that were generated came to be realized. It can be said that it is the most imaginatively speculated space of the city and it still actively lives and transforms almost solely in those imaginations. This thesis research possibilities of methodology based on overlapping and synthesizing various layers and meanings of imaginary landscapes of Terazije Terrace, in that way generating a project which can pertain to the multiplicity of complex and contrasting relations found in and about this space. In the given context, the potential is recognized to form a field of active relationships that question existing and generate new connections and mechanisms of the space. Through layering the possibilities of this space and making aggregation of fragments of its multiple realities, the open programme scheme is formed as a heterogeneous field of multiplicity: metro, square, park and various levels of public space connect, collide, overlap, open and close in dynamic ways.
Sandra Draganic


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