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The Communal Nidus: Youth Hostel & Recreation Center

Part 1 Project 2021
Geoffrey Kalubowila
City School of Architecture | Sri Lanka
The project aims to respond to a contextual issue of disconnected diversities of youth, & their disconnection with social activities, to understand the broader social change, by evoking the necessity to know how youth contribute to societal transformation, and how external experiences influence to enrich their lives.

The project been located in close proximity to many of the higher educational institutes of the area, creates a large footfall of youth groups. The lack of public spaces & interactive spaces within the context depletes the opportunity for the youth to socialize with each other, resulting a disconnected youth population. The lack of gratifying accommodation was also identified as a key issue for the young community seeking education & employment in this area. Thus, the project saw the necessity of providing safe places for living, & providing a platform for youth where they can unite together, freely express themselves, interact with different personals, through physical & virtual interactive & recreational spaces. Concurrently, it advances their creativity, innovation & social skills, which instigates a connectivity in the disconnected diversities. Through the creation of youth friendly spaces, the project envisions a positive youth empowerment, while showcasing their participation & values in a community.

Geoffrey Kalubowila


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