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The Lambourn Valley MycoWorks and Centre for the Rehabilitation of Badgers

Part 1 Project 2021
Harvey Warren
University of Reading | UK
The project imagines a transformation of the Berkshire landscape around the M4, facilitated through the deliberate entanglement of fungi, people, cherries, earthworks, straw, and badgers.
Three distinct elements are introduced: The building, the woodlands, and the bridge. Over time, their initial integration with the local ecosystems, culture, and economy morphs into a radical reconstitution of the landscape.
Earth, water, straw, and fungi constitute the building, within which the alchemy of collaboration occurs. Its functions are diverse, including scientific research, wine making, badger care, hosting, mycelium moulding, gun storage, mushroom growing, and wine tasting. Cultural, biological, and technical collaboration allows the unexpected to arise, inside and outside.

The sport of clay target shooting is adapted through the introduction of straw and fungus disks. These allow trees and badgers to thrive, and transform farmland into orchards and woodlands. Within these woods, straw and fungus huts, tunnels, and earth pathways generate diversity. A once rational, divided landscape organically gives way an entangled world, full of life.

Fungi have widely inspired this project, their varied forms, processes, and human understandings are integral to my aims and approach. This architecture is imagined by, and for fungi, as much as it is by, and for people.

Harvey Warren


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