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Making Home(s): A Story of Housing, Displacement and Urban Regeneration

Part 2 Project 2021
Ella Nyström
Maja Bygdén
Umeå University | Sweden
There is an urgency to rethink architectural responses to substandard housing in the context of displacement. In Turkey, formal housing strategies of encampments, institutionalization, and mass housing partake in reducing displaced populations to flat subjects by promoting a narrow definition of utility in opposition to values based on culture, identity, and community.

Making Home(s) is a video game, an architectural proposal, and an exhortation to imagine how housing design can counteract protracted refugee situations. The project seeks to contest the governing narrative of permanent temporariness by working in Izmir in a dense historical neighborhood where everyday life is a place of resistance.

Through collaborations mediated by emerging spatial technologies three distinct and situated accounts of homemaking have been grafted to a street in the Basmane neighborhood in Izmir. Together, they produce an intertextual reading of home and tell a story, new to the context, about individual expression, community, civic life, and sovereign power.

Ella Nyström
Maja Bygdén


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