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The Ecological Palace

Part 1 Project 2021
Ching Yee Jane Li
Newcastle University | UK
The Ecological Palace located north of Saltaire WHS is driven by the rapid exploitation of natural resources and the decimation of cultural and biological diversity. In this Anthropocene age of man-made climate and environment, the Palace emphasizes the interconnection between all living things and promotes ecology as a symbiosis relationship, progressively conserving the World Heritage Site in an ecologically sustainable way.

Composed of an elevated walkway linked to a series of fragments, the Palace considers the coexistence of life forms by providing cohabitation spaces for the interaction between humans and the ‘strange strangers’. While habitats of the non-human species are integrated into the spaces, visitors are offered learning opportunities while promenading through the woodland. Meanwhile, the design looked into the connection to the Shipley Glen Pleasure Ground on the former site to recall local memories of the Victorian times.

The vision of the Palace imagines itself in the year 2121 when it has fulfilled its role in education and is no longer inhabited by humans. Surrounding housings are demolished, the local environment is restored, and nature has once again become the domination of the landscape. The Palace stands as the last man-made structure in Baildon, witnessing changes over the centuries.

Ching Yee Jane Li

Prof Andrew Ballentyne

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