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Gharb Soheil Nile Sports Complex

Part 2 Project 2021
Ali Abdel Ghafar
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport - Cairo Campus | Egypt
The project is located in Aswan Government in Egypt specifically in gharb soheil Nubian village. The village has a touristic nature and the village lack many services. The project idea was chosen to enhance the touristic and social state of the village. The project type is a service building that offers sport facilities. The project attracts new type of tourism as the Nile river is a great spot for practicing water sports as rowing. The project will accommodate tournaments for these sports. The project program contains accommodation facility that accommodates players and tourists. The project facilities will enhance the physical and mental health for the village citizens. The village main access is through the nile and the port that boats depart in it is so poor and lack from services for tourists. So the project contains boats marina that is accessible. There is also a visitor center that gives orientations for tourists to inform them about the great heritage of the village, and bazars that display the crafts produces from village citizens. The project form is chosen to have a positive impact on the environment and site nature. The project architectural style was inspired from the ancient Egyptian architectural style.

Ali Abdel Ghafar


Dr Ayman Wanas
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