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Sentai Onsen

Part 1 Project 2021
Regan Lee
Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool | UK
Sentai Onsen brings Japanese Sento bathing culture to Queen's Dock, Liverpool. The neglect of the dock since its heyday in the 18th century has inspired the project's main concept of reviving something lost to the past. Unlike the dock, the art of bathing has never been lost to the people of Japan, so the project looks to Liverpool's past while creating a permanent home from Japan's past, present and future. With nautical design features, the building has a timber frame structure depicting the hulls of two ships connected by bridges. Inspired by Japanese concepts of Yin and Yang, the fa9ade, reinforced with steel cladding, serves as a contrast to the timber frame with which it is entwined. Finally, the scheme accommodates a cafe, Japanese zen garden with a central river, and a boat-docking area for aquatic sports.

Regan Lee


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