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Het Geheugenarchief van Rotterdam

Part 2 Project 2021
Rebecca Evans
University of Central Lancashire | UK
The exploration of adjacencies of cultural and commercial architectures in central Rotterdam revealed intervention potentials for a series of linked projects. Through diligent research into historical mapping, it is evident that the present city of Rotterdam has been formed through a collective memory; with the collective memory being the destruction and reconstruction after the effects of World War 2. A collective memory forms a city; thus, memories are vital and must be collated in order to continue the presence of the collective memory in the future.

The project – translated as The Memory Archive of Rotterdam – collates speculative navigational drawings to create a scheme that facilities the recording, collating and preservation of the city’s memories as well as providing a space for people to interact and share their own. Analysis of the city from a macro to micro scale exposes a series of traces through superimposition which have been translated into a piece of architecture that aims to encapsulate the collective memory of Rotterdam. Historical city grids and standard drawing grids are overlaid onto the 2020 figure-ground plan to create spaces which bring the past to the present and the building form/location is an outcome of these traces created in the process.

Rebecca Evans


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