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Stromness Seaweed Centre

Part 2 Project 2021
Damien Maher
Robert Gordon University | UK
Orcadians have a strong sense of identity relating to the Islands’ remote location and unique history. Stromness is a unique town on the Orkney islands, which faces challenges of outward migration due to its marginal location.

The project aims to develop new industries in Stromness which would thrive and create new jobs and prospects for the Orcadian people, thus keeping the population on the islands rather than emigrate to the mainland for work. The initial idea of creating industries also included amenities and housing associated with an increased population to also be developed.

The seaweed processing facility which contains a hatchery for the cultivation of seaweed and a factory floor for processing harvested seaweed. The processing facility floats on the water and has the potential to be re-located elsewhere. Two piers at each side of the bay are connected by a floating circulation route which is used to transport dried seaweed from the drying racks back to the processing facility. There is also a public element to the floating walkways and piers as they provide access from one side of the bay to the other and can be used for local amenity use,
where boats can birth up against, people can walk across the pier and use the water for fishing, water-sports, swimming and other water-based activities.

Damien Maher

Professor Neil Gillespie
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