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Dirtbag Cathedral

Part 2 Project 2021
Rebecca Smith
University of Huddersfield Huddersfield | UK
The Dirtbag Cathedral is a speculative project combining philosophical posthumanism, rock climbing and notation. In essence, the self organising structure provides spaces in which the posthuman subject can experience the extreme bodily activity of climbing – a posthuman climbing centre.

The journey of the human species through the ‘Philosophical Cartography’ of the posthuman state has had a direct impact on the state of the environment, resulting in a world in which the posthuman subject has not only recognised but has acted upon the destructive behaviours of the human. The posthuman species possess a collective consciousness - an advanced awareness that every object is equal. The Dirtbag Cathedral acts as a memoir of the human - a commemorative representation of its history. A direct result of the conditions of its past.

It is defined as an axiomatic structure - neither architecture nor landscape. Both architectural structure and sculpture. An architecture-sculpture hybrid. It is open yet closed, it is ‘infinitely malleable and subject to change’. It is not only architecture - it is an experience. The thesis highlights the challenges of representing phenomenological experiences of space through two dimensional notational drawings: it does not trivialise the complexity of these experiences, but embodies them.

Rebecca Smith


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