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Part 2 Project 2021
Daniel Ruiz Tejada
Technical University of Madrid Madrid | Spain
The catalog of mining components dot the Sierra Minera de Cartagena in more than 80 complexes and 1,151 mines saturated with polluting materials forming an extraterrestrial space. Strange, lost and typified. This vestiges remain in the space showing the ancient nodes of anthropization of the landscape. Forming a network of obsolete infrastructures whose footprint is part of the identity of the Sierra Minera de Cartagena and produces its characteristic image.

Given this, the hypothesis of natural recolonization arises. From the reprogramming of a post-industrial oasis in which the vestige, the obsolescence, serves as an entry value to the healthy ecosystem.

The characterization of the ruin as a reflection of the anthropization process becomes a value of the project since the new artifacts (Ecotypes) grow, as epiphytic organisms, on the pre-existing obsolescences as one more layer. Through programs based on innovative bioremediation methods the new ecology germinates acting as factories of natural production, sequenced as a system in the landscape.

A new space is composed, resulting in a Garden of the Hesperides, a mechanism that produces post-industrial oases. From here, the artificial organisms mix, the boundary between the anthropic and natural landscape disappears and, finally, M.E.P.A.M. is completed successfully.

Daniel Ruiz Tejada


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