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Eco Agriculture Awareness and Training Center

Part 1 Project 2021
Maleesha Karunarathne
Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) | Sri Lanka
Eco Agriculture Awareness and Training Center is an innovative facility designed to promote organic and sustainable agriculture among young Sri Lankan farmers to revolutionize the future of the farming industry. The Concept was to “Rediscover” a building that has harmony between modern technology and nature that house an advanced facility promoting a perfect blend between local indigenous farming methods with modern farming technology. Project inculcates new ways, among youngsters through its well-developed program. Rediscovering lost intangible knowledge and practices sets substance to the project formulation.

Nature is being exploited due to unhealthy agricultural practices such as high use of chemicals including pesticides, insecticides and artificial fertilizers. Traditional indigenous Sri Lankan farming methods inherently respect and protects nature while succeeding in cultivation. This facility create training and exploring how to combine indigenous methods with modern equipment and technology to suit the modern demand. At the heart of the project, training gardens, crop house, lecture room, information display area, and restaurant manifest this experience of “Rediscovery”.

Agriculture used to be a lifestyle in Sri Lanka and a way of defining the bonds the native people had with Mother Nature. This eco Agricultural Awareness and Training Center will evoke those feelings through its revived architectural spaces.

Maleesha Karunarathne


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